Bio: Welcome to my profile. With passion and devotion, I record bands in the studio and carry them through the creative process of mixing and mastering their material. This is done through a set of skills including knowledge of microphones and recording techniques to best suit the artists repertoire. As a guitarist I have a huge fondness for rock music, of various natures, with multiple influences such as Jimmy Page, Jimi Hendrix, Lindsey Buckingham, Billy Corgan and many more. Through this I have listened to the recording and production techniques adopted by the likes of Glyn Johns, Ken Caillat, Eddie Kramer and Butch Vig. All give a different perspective of how music can be captured, shaped and molded to showcase the full potential of the band. Furthermore, having a deep understanding of how guitar rigs work from the experience of playing and collecting lots of equipment improves the working relationship with the band to understand their desires when it comes to deciding equipment, micing techniques and mixing.

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