This is a great Track the lyrics are so dark, its beautifully written and played and the band did a great cover. They wanted to put their mark on it which is a cr*p load of reverb but like the other tracks i worked around that for them. There is a Piano played in the original version but these guys skipped that part and just had 2 Guitars. This was recorded the Same night as the other songs so I wont go too much into the capture but the mixing instead. The kit, of course, is pumping with the BF-76 with all buttons in blasting the room into the mix through the 2 overheads that were distant as well as the Glynn Johns closer up. I EQ’d the bass again to stop it booming at 150Hz which was an issue as it was jumping out of the mix. I boosted the High end of the lead Guitar to let the lick it plays to open and at the start of each verse grab your attention and it would then sit better with the Rhythm. I DI’d the Guitars and actually used the Clean DI signals in the mix also. Lead DI is panned hard left, Lead Dynamic Mic is central, Rhythm DI is panned half right and the Rhythm Dynamic Mic is panned hard right. I zoomed into the waveforms from the DI and Mic to make sure they match up and arent out of phase. This can be an issue as the signal from the DI comes way before the signal from the Amp because of all the distance of cable it travels.

I inserted Reverb into the Vox Aux as it would make the Reverb more obvious as per the performers taste. I talk more about this in a later post. When the Mix is done I bounced and created a new session the imported the song. I didn’t know much about mastering at this time but I managed to make a very punchy mix just by using the BF76 set to pump with a faster attack and slow release. In my opinion I would have re-mixed and re-mastered this track but it sounds great. I used an EQ in the Master to boost 215Hz by +2dB, 5K by 3dB and then a high shelf from 15k ramping up to add some sparkle. To finish I then used the Maxim to push the level of the songs overall level closer to 0dB in line with the other tracks.