I find this really tough so thought I’d put it up here. When doing the Griffo assignment for college one of Mike Seniors responses to a mix was that the spread of the Toms was far too much and said it was the Classic 50ft wide kit. For a drummer to actually achieve the sound that the mix is relating back he’d need very long arms and the kit would need to be placed very wide. I totally understand where hes coming from but this seems to be very much like recording and mixing needs to create a very perfect image of what its capturing which again I understand but I personally think there is beauty in the manipulation of the captured sounds to create an atmosphere that is beyond physical reality. It opens up a whole new sonic world. I’ve achieved a very wide kit using Glynn Johns due to the proximity of the left Mic with the Low Tom. I thought that it adds interest to the stereofield. Listening to Tusk by Fleetwood Mac would not be anywhere near as interesting if the drums weren’t as spread as they are. This is all pretty abstract/contextual as it really depends on the tonality of the song and kit plus performance aspects.